Selling Advice

Once your property is actively being offered to the open market there are numerous ways in which you can help to ensure the perfect viewing. Potential buyers will need to feel at home in your property so it's important to take a bit of time to ensure the home is looking it's best.

  • 'Kerb appeal' is very important - a little time spent tidying the front garden, adding some pot plants to a driveway or dealing with flaking paint on doors and windows could pay dividends in the long run. You won't get a second chance to make a first impression!
  • Aromas can be very important. Open windows and let the fresh air in. Invest in air fresheners or scented candles. Make sure bathrooms don't smell damp or musty - a real turn off for potential buyers which may lead them to think there might be a damp problem!
  • In vacant properties it's always a good idea to leave some furniture behind. A property can feel very stark and cold if it's completely empty. This is why developers always furnish a show home.
  • If you have a garden try your best to keep it looking as neat and tidy as the inside. Overgrown hedges and lawns can give the impression that the property hasn't been cared for.
  • In the winter it's important to make the property feel warm and inviting so ensure the heating is on and, if you have an open fire it always makes a nice touch to have it blazing.
  • A damp stain or remnants of a leak may be nothing in reality but it could easily be perceived as a serious problem or unresolved issue, especially to a nervous or first time buyer. Better to sort the problem and have it taken care of.
  • If it's light outside make the most of it and open blinds and curtains. If it's dark or overcast switch on some lights - use the situation to your advantage and try to create an ambience.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but they're all very easy 'quick wins' to help present the property to it's best. The more desirable a property looks and feels the better your chances of achieving a higher selling price.

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